I was born and raised in the shores of San Juan, Puerto Rico. From a young age I had the opportunity to take on several jobs and internships in advertising, modeling, talent casting, and film. When I turned 18, I decided to leave my magical little island to seek growth opportunities in the Continental United States. I moved to Syracuse, New York; where I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communications Design from Syracuse University. After graduating, I moved to Brooklyn, and started working in a world renowned branding agency in Manhattan called CBX. After gaining a lot of experience from my agency job in New York City, I started freelancing remotely full-time, and went backpacking for seven months through 14 different countries in Europe and Asia. 

At that time, what had started as freelance work turned into a fully operating nomadic design studio with designers working together from all over the world, called HIYO DESIGN. With HIYO DESIGN, I had the opportunity to lead branding, strategy, and web design projects to help our clients find their voice, reach their audience, and showcase a professional and consistent brand, website and social media. Our clients included brands such as Goya Foods, Heineken, Temple Turmeric, Wanderlust Yoga Festival, CIVANA Wellness Resort, Klick Health, 1 Giant Mind, and many others. In 2017 I moved to sunny (and warm) Miami, and then eventually in 2020 I moved to San Diego. 

Once in California, I helped convert a short bus school bus into a tiny home with my partner, and it was featured in the TV show "Staycation" on CBS. My partner and I started investing in properties and I became an expert in property management and short-term and mid-term rental optimization. I was hired by Airbnb as an Airbnb Ambassador as part of their pilot program which then expanded nation-wide. In 2022 I started the brand Optimize My Rental to help guide rental property owners to build and expand their short term rental businesses. In 2023 I was invited to be showcased on Airbnb's website as an Experienced Co-Host as part of their newest pilot program offering. Now, I continue to happily balance creative design work, brand strategy consulting, modeling work, and short term rental consulting with time spent hiking, traveling, practicing yoga, and lounging on the beach.

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